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This blog follows things that are on my mind and mostly have to do with the mysteries of the mind as it relates to meditation, new technology for the brain, magick, Buddhism, synchronicity, thought-forms, Sukhavati (Buddhist Pure Land), Summerland.    This includes unusual experiences, special dreams, quantum physics and how all this forms a complex paradigm that is both exciting and frustrating.  Some of these experiences are very subtle and happen very quickly and might otherwise be quickly forgotten if I didn’t have this blog.

This also includes music as a kind of spiritual practice.   Music is unique among the art forms since it is beyond language.  It’s not representational or symbolic.  It’s magical the way the mind puts 12 notes and rhythm into a coherent experience that exists in time but shuts of the “internal dialogue.”  You cannot be talking to yourself while you’re truly listening and it’s the silencing that dialogue that opens the mind to let something else in.

What that something is may not be coming from yourself but may be outside unseen influencers from beings that are not organic but exist in other planes of existence or other parallel universes.

Or maybe not.

I’m looking at the universe, quantum physics and thought and how to understand and perhaps manipulate.

Richard Isen

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