LEECH MUSIC REVIEW – “Variations on the River”

“Variations On The River” is a minimalist arrangement in which a calm piano lead and building passion provide the foundation for an emotionally charged progression that invites the mind to wander as the body relaxes into a profound state of relaxation.

Musician and composer Richard Isen has an impressive ability to convey the shifting moods and energies of musical journeys through the use of smooth, wave-like progressions of notes. He also demonstrates a strong sense of artistic individuality with his latest composition, “Variations On The River.”

This is further enhanced by the orchestrated emotion and richness of the playing, which is really astounding musically and produces an almost jazz, cool jazz, or solo piano vibe.

When the tempo and fullness fade and contrast permit quieter periods of thought to connect, we begin to realize the composition’s true aim and completed mood.

With a timeless and identifiable quality, “Variations On The River” is an addicting piece of music that will undoubtedly have listeners going back to lock in for another round of satisfaction.