Quantum Janis: An Immersive Musical Theater Experience



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Imagine an alternate universe in 1999 where an African American version of Janis Joplin never died. After becoming disillusioned with the burgeoning music business of the psychedelic 1960s, Janis turned her back on commercial pressures, took what money she had left, and bought an old Victorian hotel in San Francisco where she aspired to create a hippie utopia. 

On this particular night, Janis chases the famous rock version of herself through the alternate world realizing that she must reconcile her choices in life with her regrets and with a culture that abandoned her “summer of love” dream long ago.   Can she rekindle her ideals and find a way forward as she enters the autumn years of her life?


  1. What You Don't Know Venue Assistants 3:16
  2. Nothin's Gonna Be The Same Janis 3:13
  3. Jester in the Rain Sandy & Janis 4:30
  4. Circle Round The Sun Art 3:36
  5. Into The Maze Sandy 3:21
  6. The Storm Art, Janis, Sandy, Guy2 3:11
  7. When You're A Poet Guy2 2:49
  8. Scratched Beneath The Surface Janis 3:36
  9. Try Janis 2:05
  10. Deja Vu Art 3:31
  11. Take It To The Sky Janis 2:45
  12. Keeper of the Flame Guy 2:44
  13. I Gotta Know Janis 3:23
  14. Safe Sandy 2:44
  15. Into The Blue Janis 4:14
  16. The Story Has No Ending Entire Cast 3:31