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Great Finales

Most musicals have some kind of grand finale where the themes of the story are expressed usually in an uplifting and inspiring way though not always. It depends on the story. I’ve written a few of these myself for better or worse. But anyway here are some of my favorites presented in different way. These are on youtube so no subscription required.

Search for the New & Unexpected

There is SOOOOO much music on Spotify and Youtube.  Literally anybody can record music at home and get it distributed.  The music biz has changed in the most extraordinary way in my lifetime.  The trick is how to stand out.  I have no idea.  But I decided to search around to see what I could find- the gems in the muddy waters.  There are few songs by fairly famous artists but those have to be really strange to make the list.  This will keep growing so check back!

Joni Mitchell Screenplays SPOTIFY

That I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, I once heard Joni Mitchell say that sometimes her lyric writing was like a screenplay and I was working Harry’s House at that time and it seemed to so clearly demonstrate this.  I went too look through all her discography and these are the songs that I think also show this.  Maybe you would add more. Sometimes I think I should actually try to shoot some short videos based on one of the songs but without using the actual recording as the soundtrack. Have a listen!

Great Pop Songs SPOTIFY

This is a very personal list of songs that were big hits.  For me, I really appreciate the writing, the craft and while I usually disliked the big hits from the radio, every now and then one really capture me.  A lot of these are from when I was young but there’s some newer song in the mix.  I’ll keep adding as they come to me!

Original Recordings of the “We’re Still Stuck @ Home” June living room concert on YOUTUBE

Youtube is great because you don’t need to subscribe to listen to the songs.

ALL Original Recordings of the Songs from “We’re Still Stuck @ Home” living room concerts SPOTIFY

I tried to find all the original releases of the songs that I covered at my Facebook concerts including my original songs.