CHANCE: A Movie Musical About Love, Risk & Getting It Right

Chance Poster
Link To CHANCE: A Musical Play

“And last, but not least, is the question of whether Chance — The Musical is being created for the right medium.  As the show progressed, I found myself wondering if this story might unfold better in a cinematic format –perhaps to be made available on YouTube.”Huffington Post

A screenplay is in development for a low budget version of Chance.  As a movie, Chance would occupy a somewhat unique place as an LGBT original musical.  There are very few comparisons.  The concept is that the world of Chance takes place inside a classic film from Hollywood’s Golden Era inside the mind of the hero.  The play already incorporatess a lot of cinematic narrative techniques that are usually not found on the live stage including songs as voice overs, songs that comment on the action as it’s happening (“Cabaret”), movie-like montages such as those in classic films like “The Graduate” or many of the “Rocky” movies.



Following the production at NYMF, a short, proof-of-concept movie of a scene from the screenplay is planned. By using the actors from the NYMF production, we would expect a fairly good outcome since the actors will have rehearsed the scenes and the music will have been performed several times cutting recording studio time to a minimum.