The Archives

I’ve written several musical theater pieces over the years.  Unfortunately, I did not have digital recording so my ability to get great recordings was very limited.

In this section of the website, I wanted to share some of the recordings I have kept all these year.  Some of them were recorded live and some of them were recorded in a studio situation.  I tried to use some of the newer tools available to to clean up the audio as much as possible.

It is important to me that these works are available for the historians among you and in case any future generations find value in these works.

Please enjoy!

    • Salford Road  – Edinburgh Fringe Festival Award, 1979.  The earliest of all the shows.


    • Spring Awakening  – Long before the hit Broadway show, I wrote music to another version; Chelsea Theater Center 1986
    • The Bluebird – Based on the Materlink play, this was a commission from the Sun Valley Repertory. They wanted a community performed Christmas musical and not another Charles Dickens adaptation.