Welcome to the Richard Isen Website

“Love it, makes me feel like driving with the top down on a beautiful summer day!” -Adrian Harris

“Listening to Isen’s songs is like looking at an impressionist painting-his songs are blended shades of blue and purple, splashed with white…”  -Chicago Free Press.

Welcome to the Richard Isen official website – composer, playwright and songwriter

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Once a jazz cocktail lounge singer, television composer, musical theater experimenter, as well as a software engineer & web pioneer, this singer songwriter and his piano threads a dreamy, after-hours melancholy with a wise, compassionate, and often times humorous outlook on life and music. Counting influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Bill Evans to Shirley Horn to Tom Waits to Tori Amos, Richard Isen has released several recordings including “Let It Fall”, “9 Songs” as well several original cast recordings of his musical theater works. He holds an MFA in Musical Theater from NYU, an Emmy Award nomination and has received many awards and grants through the years. 

Now retired from his information technology career, Richard spends his days writing, recording, releasing music to the public and occasionally performing.  He’s amazed at how the music business has changed and loves that he can record and release his music and find an audience big enough to support his continuing career.